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5 Meals Under $5

Have you ever found yourself short on cash and in need of a cheap, fast, and delicious meal? Not everyone needs to go to the fanciest restaurant in town and spend a ridiculous amount of money to satisfy their hunger. Great meals can be found everywhere, and for super cheap! How cheap? How about 5 dollars cheap, and with plenty of food to go around. A full meal and saving money? That’s a win-win!

Cheeseburger Quesadilla

We didn’t know if you knew, but cheeseburgers and quesadillas are two of the most delicious foods EVER! So, what better way to enjoy them than to combine them? All you need is some beef, cheese, and tortillas. Make sure the beef is cooked, throw the beef and cheese into a tortilla, heat them up, and you are ready to dive in! If you want, you can make enough for multiple nights which will save you even more money!

Microwave Mac & Cheese

Next up is one of our personal favorites, Microwave Mac & Cheese! Honestly, have you ever met someone that didn’t like Mac & Cheese because we sure haven’t! All you need is ⅓ cup of your favorite macaroni noodles, 4 tablespoons of cheese, ¾ cups of water, ⅓ teaspoon of cornstarch, and 4 tablespoons of milk. Throw it all into a bowl and pop it into the microwave for 3-4 minutes. Bon appetit, Mac & Cheese!

Sloppy Joes

This is definitely an oldy but goody right here—The Sloppy Joe! All you need for this one is some ground turkey, your favorite BBQ sauce, and some hamburger buns. Combine the turkey and the BBQ sauce together. Add as much or as little sauce as you want. Mix it together well and then add it to the hamburger bun. Trust us, there is a reason this recipe has been around for a while. Give it a try!


This is a meal so good even Paul Bunyan loved them! And you don’t necessarily have to have them in the morning for breakfast. Any time of day is a good time for pancakes. You can pick up any cheap pancake mix from the grocery store, add a little bit of water, heat them up, and before you know it you are digging into some flapjacks! Now we can’t guarantee that you are going to grow 7 feet tall like Paul, but we can guarantee a cheap and delicious meal!

Grilled Cheese

Last but not least is the famous Grilled Cheese! It honestly doesn’t get much better than this. A couple of slices of your favorite bread and a couple of slices of cheese in between and you’re basically done. Just warm it up on the stove top or in the microwave and that’s it. Fast, easy, and most importantly super cheap.

Good food doesn’t always have to break the bank. With a small amount of time and money you can feed yourself and many others. These meals are a great way to save some money and keep the hunger cravings away. Next time you are low on funds, give these meals a try! They will not disappoint!

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