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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Celebrating 30 Years of Service: #AIMfor30
Celebrating 30 years of service, AIM encourages community members to reminisce on the past 30 years as well as #AIMfor30 (more).

As AIM quickly approaches a 30-year anniversary, we look back at what struggles the Anderson community has faced, what partnerships were formed to overcome these challenges, and how many lives were changed in doing so.

Founded in 1990, AIM opened its doors at 618 S. Manning Street in a rent-free building after several churches and other community members came together to discuss the prevention of assistance duplication to those in need.

In order to better serve the needs of the community and with knowledge of successful programs in other cities, these church and community members formed AIM. From only having 20 volunteers running the organization to almost 20 staff members and over 500 volunteers, AIM has worked its way from the bottom to the top to continue a mission of "Connecting people with support, resources, and education so they can empower themselves to become self-sufficient."

With that, there are so many stories that can be shared-- stories of hurting, praying, searching, belonging, donating, receiving-- stories that truly "Give Hope and Change Lives."

We hope to share these stories in an effort to not only thank the community, churches, and all of those who have committed time, money, donations, and so much more to AIM, but also to aim for 30 more years of service with support from the community. How do you do this? Well, stay connected by following @aimcharity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, sign up to receive email newsletters, and attend our annual events for the announcement of an #AIMfor30 challenge!

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