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Throwback from the Housing Program

September's throwback posts in 2020 were dedicated to AIM's Housing Program. This department assists low-income homeowners to remain in their homes by providing ramps and other necessary repairs that may threaten the health and safety of residents. We coordinate with several church groups, civic organizations, and clubs in our area to build ramps and make any necessary minor repairs to qualified applicants. We work to match clients in need with the resources and labor needed to make these improvements, enabling them to become and remain self-sufficient.

On September 3, an article from 2002 focused on the Housing Program where a woman with many health issues was featured. AIM worked to repair her shower so she could easily step in and out with the help of newly inserted handrails and a lower step over.

Highlighted on September 10, a magazine article discussed a grant AIM received that was utilized by our Housing Program. It was used specifically for a couple to repair plumbing issues in their bathroom.

The week of September 17th featured a family who received assistance from our Housing Program for roof repairs. As previously mentioned, the program provides necessary home repairs that may threaten the health and safety of a family.

On Thursday, September 24 a Clemson University group was featured assisting AIM Housing clients by building a wheelchair ramp to access the home, replacing molded bathroom tiles, and swapping out an old water heater.

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