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Throwback Thursday with the Board

June's throwback Thursday posts featured our past board members, and their collective impact on AIM through their service. The posts varied from a list of board members from a previous year, to a detailed story of how a long-time supporter of AIM became the first board chairwoman.

The first post from June 4th, featured a tri-fold brochure with a list of board members from that year in the center. The left fold had one sentence that read "providing assistance to people in need." AIM's board then consisted of 25 members who each played a role in leading us to where we are today, with the same goal of empowering the community of Anderson to becoming self-sufficient.

Our second June post featured a newspaper article from 2009, that discussed information about upcoming events. The bulleted list detailed activities that still occur in 2020, like the Annual Board Retreat, a Women and Children Succeeding (WACS) Life Skills meeting, AIM orientation and tours (which have been currently altered due to COVID-19, visit the "What's Happening" page for more information).

The third post during June spotlighted an Annual Board Retreat from 2008, with 27 attendees. AIM's board has been a guiding light for 30 years, and we could not be more thankful for our past, present, and future members!

The last post from June was a newspaper article that featured a story told by Nancy Henderson, and also the story of how Nan Drew became the first board chairwoman.

First, Nancy Henderson told her "Pop-Tart story," where a truck load of Pop-Tart pastries were delivered to AIM, but she "couldn't help but wonder why God would send so many Pop-Tarts. The next day, a long time friend of the ministry, one fighting cancer at the time, stopped by the office and mentioned that few foods held any appeal - but he did have 'a craving for those little treats you put in toasters.'" She also expressed in the article that she felt God had always "had an eye on AIM." Later, Nan Drew told the story of how she became the first board chairwoman after she volunteered one day, unknowingly being an answer to prayer.

This month we have looked back at the great impact our previous board members have had, and how they have gone above and beyond for AIM. We could not be more thankful for their leadership and service for the last 30 years, and we know that without them, we wouldn't be able to celebrate our anticipated 30 year anniversary of AIM this year!

For more information on our 30 year Gala, click on the "#AIMfor30" tab on our website, or contact Susan Anderson at or 864-965-9082.

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