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Throwback Thursday with Volunteers

The month of May featured four past stories of volunteers at AIM. Ranging from a young girl's birthday to a man who spent his life serving others, over the last four weeks we have had the privilege of sharing with you all just a few of the many heartfelt stories that have impacted the community of Anderson.

The first week featured Justin Birney, a ninth-grader who was taking a strategies for success class at a local high school. For a class project, Birney was required to complete 6 hours of community service and selected AIM on behalf of a church member who had previously served the food pantry, but was unable at the time due to illness. The high schooler donated between $1,500 and $2,000 worth of food donations to AIM.

The next post highlighted an Anderson lawyer, Tom W. Dunaway, who volunteered the services of his local law firm to AIM's WACS program. His legal assistance allowed for women in the program to get child support, insurance coverage, and alimony to help in supporting their children and creating opportunities to focus on an education.

The next post brought to attention a young girl who chose to spend her birthday party collecting food donations for AIM instead of receiving presents for herself. Alicia Lindstedt invited her entire first-grade class to her 7th birthday party, and together the group accumulated 135 pounds of food to donate to AIM's food pantry. This was the first birthday donation to AIM, and Alicia's mother described the "de-stuffed" birthday celebration as a potential new family tradition.

The final post for May featured Floyd Hill, a long-time volunteer at AIM. The beginning of the article describes Hill as a someone who loved people, and loved feeding them, "...despite having worked another entire career, battling through cancer, having lost his eye, and suffering a heart attack, he is here at the Fishes and Loaves food pantry..." Although Hill has passed, his years of dedication to the food pantry and genuine love for people are still so memorable.

This month has spotlighted some wonderful volunteers who have gone the extra mile for AIM. Today, there are still so many volunteers who go above and beyond in more ways than we can count. The door is always open for anyone who is willing to serve our wonderful community.

For more information about ways to get involved and areas to volunteer, go to the "What We Do" tab on the home page of our website, or contact Sarah Ann Skelton at or 864.965.9083.

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