As a result of the Pandemic, community, state and federal agencies have decided to partner together to form a triage to better assist our community.  Specifically, we are working alongside SHARE, United Way and Clemson Community Care.  Please know that if you apply for assistance your application may be shared with these other organizations.  We feel this is in your best interest to eliminate the travel and paperwork to multiple agencies.  We are working hard to help each family effectively and efficiently.

We will no longer hold Service Orientati


We are not currently taking applications online. To receive assistance, you must first attend a Service Orientation, which is held on-site in the white building with the blue door, located to the left of the Food Pantry. This will last approximately 30 minutes and reviews AIM’s programs, the application process, and what forms are required. Service Orientation is held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8:30 am, and again on Thursday at 12:30 pm. Please be on time, as we are only allowing the first 7 people to attend due to COVID restrictions. After you attend Orientation, complete your application, and have all of your supporting documents, you will be eligible for Intake in our Main Office. Intake happens on a first come first serve basis on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. On these days, we begin processing applications at 9am, however, our doors open at 8:00am. Again, due to COVID restrictions, we will only see the first 6 clients that arrive. If you are missing any documents you will be turned away and asked to return once you have them.

***See below any changes to our hours

Here is a list of the the required documents:

_____ Identification Card for APPLYING Adult Household Member

_____ Release of Information

_____ Social Security Card(s) for ALL Household Members

_____ Utility Bill for the past due period, or Past Due Letter/Cut-off Notice

_____ Landlord Form (for Rent/Mortgage)

_____ Copy of Current Lease (for Rent/Mortgage)


_____ Paycheck Stubs (last 30 days)

_____ Section 8 or Subsidy Housing Letter

_____ Food Stamps                             _____ Families First

_____ Child Support (ID number)     _____ SSI Payment

_____ Disability                                    _____ SSI Payment Pending

_____ Unemployment                        _____ Retirement / Pension             

Please include a summary of explanation as to why you are requesting help. Please include if this is COVID-19 related. Examples include but not limited to, a reduction in work hours, medical expenses, car expenses, unforeseen cost, taking care of a grandchild.  Please be as detailed as possible.  We will ask for supporting documentation if not included. 


If you are interested  in signing up for SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program), TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy families), or Medicaid, applications are being referred to SC Thrive Hub call center until we are able to have in person appointments.  Please call 800-726-8774.

Better Money Habits

AIM has partnered with local financial banking partners to help individuals and families break the poverty cycle.  We may require you to watch some brief videos if we believe it will be beneficial to your circumstance before we can assist financially.  Feel free to watch any or all of them.

Better Money Habits® is a series of free financial education materials and lessons that break down day-to-day money management concepts like saving, budgeting, credit and more in an accessible way.  Bank of America partnered with Khan Academy to create Better Money Habits to help people create habits to achieve their financial goals. 

Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

Negotiating with Creditors

How to Save Money Everyday

Strategies for Paying Down Debts

Steps to Help you Get Out of Debt

How to Set a Budget and Stick to It


The True Costs of Minimum Payments


Our Food Pantry is now serving Mondays- Fridays starting at 9 am while provisions last. Please park in the main parking lot, stay in your cars, and wait patiently. We are distributing food in a "drive thru" fashion, so please wait until we direct you. Have your ID and space for a box of food ready when you arrive. No numbers will be given at this time.