Founded upon compassion, AIM assists people with their immediate crisis and provides them with the tools that can change their future. Our goal as volunteers and staff is to empower the participants to become self-sufficient.

To receive financial assistance, participants must first attend a Service Orientation. Then, once the Assistance Application is complete with supporting documents, they will be accepted at AIM Central (1206 S Murray Ave). Once we have all of the necessary paperwork, someone will call to schedule an Assistance Appointment to discuss what we can do to help.

If all of the time slots for Orientation are full, please check back on Fridays for the next open time slots.

At Orientation the following items will be required: 

For ALL:

  • AIM Application

  • Identification for APPLYING Adult Household Member (SS card not mandatory)

  • Statement of Need

  • Proof of Residency

  • Emergency Information Documents to Prove Financial Hardship: Receipts from medical expenses, car repairs, home repairs, loss of income, loss of childcare, increased expenses, etc..

For Utilities:

  • Utility Bill for the past due to period or cut-off notice

For Rent:

For Mortgage:

Income for Household Members:

  • Pay Check Stubs (last 60 days)

  • Section 8 or Subsidy Housing Letter

  • Food Stamps

  • Utility Check

  • TANF

  • Child Support (ID Number)

  • SSI Payment

  • Disability

  • VA (Veterans)

  • Unemployment

  • Retirement/ Pension

Ask Yourself:

Did you suffer a financial hardship during or due to the pandemic?

Did you suffer financial hardship related to loss or reduction of hours at work, layoff, or draw unemployment?

Did you have to give up work to stay home with your children in 2020, 2021 or 2022?

Were you unable to work as a result of pregnancy or other health conditions?

Did you have a situation where you had to stay home as a result of lack of childcare during the pandemic?

Did you have a family member exposed to COVID and you had to quarantine resulting in losing work time?

Did you suffer a loss or reduction of child support because of COVID?

Were you unemployed through a company providing delivery or in-home services that reduced your hours or laid off employees?

Did you have increased medical expenses/increased insurance?

Were your hours reduced at any point during the pandemic?

Did you experience an increase in the cost of gasoline during the pandemic?

Did you experience an increase in food costs during the pandemic?

Was your child required to stay home because of school closings? 

Were you required to quarantine because of exposure to COVID and experienced a loss of income?

Did you experience loss of a loved one?