Founded upon compassion, AIM assists people with their immediate crisis and provides them with the tools that can change their future. Our goal as volunteers and staff is to empower the participants to become self-sufficient. The majority of AIM clients come to us living on a monthly budget of less than $1,500 per month. Some of AIM clients are employed, however, are being paid at or just above minimum wage. This equates to approximately $290 gross income before taxes.

The Pivotal Support Program is designed to give financial assistance and counseling to those in need. It is our desire with the program to help clients identify their core problem (lack of budgeting skills, lack of education/training, depression, alcoholism) so that we are able to address these core problems rather than simply treating the client's symptoms (light bill, food, rent, etc …). This is done through interviewing the client and making appropriate referrals to other agencies and professionals in the community. With this program we see it as a "hand up" and not a "hand out". Clients have to be willing to help themselves. Along with our financial assistance comes accountability measures. Clients must show a desire to change their present situation of dependency to one of independence. If a client does not follow through with the plan we lay out for them, they will not be assisted in the future.

This program is not for the client who receives all the government subsidies and is not trying to change that, it is for the person falling through the cracks of our system, e.g. the working poor persons with catastrophic illness, or someone in a temporary crisis.


Connecting people with support, resources, and education so they can empower themselves to become self-sufficient.

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