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Visit the AmeriCorps VISTA website to learn more about this national service opportunity.

"For me, AmeriCorps VISTA was God's way of pointing me in the direction I needed to go. The VISTA position at AIM in the Development Office has lead me to build up my knowledge of nonprofits, build social capital, and prepare for the next steps in my life and career. I am blessed for the opportunity given to me to learn under such great leaders, such as Kristi King-Brock. I greatly recommend AmeriCorps VISTA to anyone looking for a next step in life." --Sarah Ann Skelton, 2018-19 AmeriCorps VISTA at AIM for Volunteer/Development

Since 1965, AmeriCorps VISTA members (Volunteers in Service to America) have brought their passion and perseverance where the need is greatest: to organizations like AIM that help alleviate poverty. Today, over 8,000 AmeriCorps VISTA members are serving nationwide as catalysts for change, living and working alongside Anderson community members to advance local solutions. AIM has four VISTA positions. AmeriCorps VISTA's provide in-direct service and build capacity 


  • Living Allowance - Receive a modest bi-weekly living allowance to cover basic expenses ($513.94 bi-weekly).

  • Relocation Allowance - If you move 50+ miles from your home to a new community, you receive relocation travel assistance and a settling in allowance.

  • Settling-In Allowance- The settling-in allowance is intended to help you with initial expenses related to moving, such as security deposits and setting up utilities. The allowance is $750.

  • Professional Development Training - AmeriCorps members serving with the VISTA program receive a variety of training and development opportunities before and during service.

  • End of Service Award - Choose between a Segal Education Award ($6,495) to pay for a range of education expenses or a cash stipend ($1,800).

  • Child Care - You may be eligible to receive a child care benefit if you have children under the age of 13.

  • Healthcare Benefit - Choose between reimbursement for healthcare or a healthcare plan that also includes dental and vision coverage.

  • Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) - NCE is a unique hiring path which makes it easier for federal agencies to hire you upon successful completion of your service.

Please contact Connor Campbell if you have any questions: (864)965-9079


Updated October 24th, 2023

Visit the AmeriCorps page on our website for more information.

Current Opportunities:

Food Security AmeriCorps (Meals on Wheels)

Please contact Connor Campbell if you have any questions: (864)965-9079

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