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Heart for Helping Community Fundraiser

The month of February is filled with hearts. Aisles in the grocery store containing cards with hearts plastered all over each one, heart shaped candies everywhere you look, stuffed animals holding a vibrant red heart and inviting you or any child walking by in for a hug, hearts are everywhere during the month of February. And in Anderson, AIM's Heart for Helping hearts can't be missed when surrounding banks, businesses, schools, and churches go above and beyond to sell these little red hearts.

There was a lot of friendly competition amongst the Financial Community for our fundraiser. Mike Wooles, County Bank Anderson Market Executive, challenged banks to "knock County Bank off the throne" as they were the reigning champs from last year.

This year, The People's Bank received breakfast from Mr. Wooles and AIM's traveling plaque with an engraving for their fundraising accomplishment.

It is not just banks that participate in selling hearts, many community businesses do as well. This year Electrolux raised $3,000 selling hearts, Quality Foods raised $154, Chosen Fitness raised $103, and many other businesses! AIM is hoping in years to come as this fundraiser grows we can have more businesses selling hearts and other friendly competitions form. Anderson's many schools also joined in: Homeland Park Primary School, Glenview Middle School, and Calhoun Academy of the Arts raised $1,585.60 all together!

For this year's Heart for Helping Fundraiser, Anderson's gracious community raised over $8,000. Without all of these banks, businesses, schools, and churches, this fundraiser would not be possible. Thank you to all who participated!

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