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Throwback from Pivotal Support

All five Thursdays in July on AIM's social media were dedicated to throwback posts for our Pivotal Support Program. This program was put in place to give financial assistance and counseling to those in need. Our desire is to help clients identify their core problem (lack of budgeting skills, lack of education/training, depression, alcoholism) so that we are able to address them rather than simply treat symptoms (light bill, food insecurity, rent, etc..). We view this program as a "hand up" rather than a "hand out."

On July 2nd, the Thursday spotlighted a letter AIM received from a Pivotal Support client in 1996. As previously mentioned, our Pivotal Support Program is specifically designed to give financial assistance and counseling to those in need.

On Thursday, July 9th, the post featured a newspaper article discussing AIM and its Emergency Assistance program that is now the Pivotal Support Program. This program is still able to exist today because of our partnerships with Duke Energy and other local utility companies that have made helping others a priority. Duke Energy has been a strong supporter of AIM from the beginning, marking 30 years in 2020.

On July 16th, a 1993 letter from a client that received assistance from Pivotal Support was highlighted on our social media platforms. Within the letter, the client thanked volunteers and staff for their willingness to serve and their generosity while doing so. Here at AIM we are so grateful for our volunteers and staff in this program.

Thursday, July 23rd, marked a newspaper article of a check presentation with AIM and Blue Ridge Security Systems from 2012. Donations like those allow the Pivotal Support Program to provide resources to clients and continue reaching the community.

The last Thursday, July 30th, featured a newspaper article with a photo of Bill Edmonds, Kristi King-Brock (AIM's Executive Director), and Ed Hayes. The article discussed AIM in 1991 and the beginning of what is now our functioning Pivotal Support Program.

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